Winter Tires

Thinking of buying tires "before winter"?
Here are some reasons to buy now versus later.
It's not uncommon to see snow flakes and 32 degree weather here within the next several weeks. By beating the rush could save you money in the long run and here's why...By keeping moisture out of your tires, it maintains a more accurate air pressure in your tires when the tire heats up and cools down. (If anyone remembers when it gets cold out your low tire light comes on more often just like if you put a balloon in a cold car and it shrinks) This is also why we check the tire pressures when they are cold. That is also the hype about Nitrogen filling your tires, the whole idea is to have a no moisture in your tires.
So why now versus later, you ask! The first time it snows drives everyone to our shop and guess what...while piles of slush, snow, salt and slop are dripping on our heads, your rims are like ice cubes, and with a showroom full of people, tires are going from ice cold delivery trucks or maybe from our warmer shop (not really so warm) right on to your frozen wheels and unfortunately trapping quite a bit of moisture in your tires. Think about your electronic tire pressure sensors inside your rim and tire assembly, or think about the moisture and salt trapped in between the bead area and rim where the tire makes the seal. The whole idea of an accurate air pressure is to keep your tire rolling with the least amount of resistance to optimize fuel economy, keep your vehicle handling the way it should and not to decrease tread life.

Let us help you get the winter tires that you need, before you need them.  Shop for tires with Federico Tire Pros and you'll be glad you did.